About Us

Persatuan Penyelamat Kucing Terbiar Katzen Kuala Lumpur & Selangor (ROS register no PPM-006-14-06072012) also known as Katzen Cat Sanctuary, is an NGO that was started by two cat-loving sisters with a growing number of their own cats needing a new place to live in. Katzen now has approximately 70 cats in their care. Katzen primarily cares for senior cats, cats with incurable diseases and special needs cats. Their cats are not for sale and not up for adoption.

The cats at Katzen Cat Sanctuary feeding

Story Behind the Sanctuary

Suraya, Sharizah and her then fiance were animal lovers. They would always help out any animals in need, regardless of species. They have always dreamed of opening up an animal sanctuary to care for needy animals. However, Sharizah’s fiance unfortunately passed away in a fatal road accident. Despite this, Sue and her sister still held on to their passion, and started Katzen to honor him. They have found that Katzen Cat Sanctuary gave them as sense of relieve and was also a form of grievance.

In the beginning, Sue and Sharizah only planned to take in rescue kittens. However, one of their friends got news of their sanctuary, and started bringing over rescued cats to be taken care off. As time went on, their cat sanctuary grew from 30 cats, to 50, and finally to 70 cats that we see today. In the past, the property rent was much cheaper compared to modern times, so it was not a huge burden on them.

They decided to set up this sanctuary as a safe haven for cats. This is because they were made aware of the attitudes and intentions of some community members towards animals. Some people think of cats as a nuisance, and would actively hunt them down. Thus, Katzen became a safe space for these cats, allowing them to live their lives in peace. Katzen as an NGO also partners with other organizations and associations as well as host campaigns or events.

Challenges Faced

Suraya is a full-time worker, and is doing her best to support Katzen and herself. Suraya and Sharizah has invested a part of their savings for passive income, but it has proven to be insufficient.

Furthermore, there always has to be one caretaker at Katzen at any given time, thus Suraya and Sharizah cannot be working during the same hours. There always has to be one person looking after the cats in Katzen. Thus, they have to balance work with Katzen among each other, as this job is too much for one person to handle.

Taking care of the cats at Katzen can also have a significant toll on their health. This is because this line of work can be extremely emotionally draining. It is not easy to see a beloved or bonded cat pass due to complications. They have to bear with the emotional pain, and this usually adversely affects they mental and physical health.

Inspiration to Move Forward

Despite the many challenges, the caretakers at Katzen are still persistent and always move forward. One of the main inspirations that keeps them going is the joy of taking care of and healing a cat in need.

Alicia was a kitten with a deadly disease, FIP. Alicia’s nervous system was affected by this lethal disease, and could not even get up to eat. She was stuck on the floor, waiting for death.

Sue decided to try out a rather new form of medication, GS, that can help cure Alicia. Although GS is expensive, Sue was not going to give up on Alicia. After her first dose of FIP, there was already significant improvements. Alicia was able to get up, and stumble to her food bowl to feed.

After subsequent doses, Alicia was able to cry out for food, as well as jump on her bed. She is now well on her way to recovery.

These success stories are what keeps Suraya and Sharizah from giving up on Katzen, and drives them forward. They feel joy in giving these cats a second chance in life.


Suraya and Sharizah dream of improving the facilities at Katzen. They hope to set up proper quarantine facilities for sick cats, as well as have an outdoor space where cats can roam and play freely. They want their cats to enjoy the outdoors, basking in the sun, and not stuck in small enclosures.

The current set up for Katzen is sufficient, but they wish the cats can get more fresh air in the future. They want them to roll around and play in the grass and just be their cute cat selves.

This dream for the future of Katzen may seem far-fetched to some, but Sue and her sister will never give up and move forward to pursue their dream.

Sue with Bijou, a deaf cat from the sanctuary

‘Open your heart and space for animals’